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Serum No. 5 & Polished by KPT Mother’s Day Manicure Box

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Hey dolls! I hope you all enjoyed the Google Hangout last night. If you were unable to join us live, you can watch the video here. It was a lot of fun, so I’m thinking about doing one regularly with you all maybe once a month. Let me know your thoughts about it!

Today I have photos for you of a collaboration between two of my newest favorite indie brands: the Serum No. 5 and Polished by KPT Mother’s Day Manicure Box. The box features two polishes, a thermal and a glow in the dark, a cuticle oil pen, and four nail art charms.

Serum No. 5 Total Mom-Sense is a creme-jelly hybrid base filled with purple, pink, and glitters that glows blue in the dark. This is a cute glitter mix and I’m so glad it doesn’t have a very chunky look. The formula was great and applied nicely in two thick coats. The glitter density was great and they didn’t drag upon applying the second coat. Total Mom-Sense does dry to a gritty finish, so top coat was added.



Polished by KPT Sunday Rose is a thermal polish that is rose pink with filled with violet and gold shimmer when cold and transitions to a light, almost white pink when warm. This is such a girly thermal, which means I automatically love it. The color shift was quite sensitive with just my regular body temperature. Sunday Rose’s formula was sheer, but not runny and quite easy to use. Three coats were used for opacity.




This is such a fun collaboration between these two. I love how they always put together the things they do best, thermals and glow in the dark polishes. The Mother’s Day Manicure Box will be available for $27.50 (approximately $15 savings) on on Friday, 4.18.14 on Serum No. 5 (international shipping available for that weekend to the list of approved countriesor Saturday, 4.19.14 on Polished by KPT (US and Canada shipping only). 

These two brands are so amazing, they are also giving away one Mother’s Day Manicure Box to a R&P reader! You will have one week to enter and it’s open to those with a US mailing address, ages 18+. Good luck dolls!

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  • PolishedtoPrecision

    I’ve been dying for this box!!! So glad to see the colors on you!

  • What pretty shades in this box. I love that color changing one.

  • Niki T.

    My mom loves jewelry, so I like to give her jewelry with little personalized messages on them. Hard to choose a favorite because they all have meaning to them! =)

  • Joyce

    beautiful colors!

  • Joyce

    Nail polish 😉

  • Aw these are beautiful! I think my favorite gift to my mom was when my brother and sister and I took pictures and got it framed for her 🙂

  • Goodlacknail

    lovely polishes! when I was small I gave my mum poems. It is really fun to read those and realize that what I understood as rhyme was a bit different to what it is now 😀

  • Love this box set. I might have to break my no buy ban. The best mother’s day gift I’ve ever given was a personalized mug. On it had an inside joke and each time she uses it makes us both giggle.

  • MelodyJ

    We always like to give our mother a stylish top.

  • funatyourfingertips

    Well my mom really seems to love when I cook breakfast in bed for her. I can’t do much financially as I’m in a bad way right now but I do what I can

    • Thoughtful gifts are the ones that count most in my opinion.

      • funatyourfingertips


  • shane

    i won something from tank and i gave it to my mom best gift ever to give

  • Christina

    I will make my mom rock a fun new look with this!! 🙂

  • Ivy

    My mom loves earrings so I’m always giving her earrings.

  • Mary W

    Our favorite gift has been spending time together without distractions.

  • amy

    Massage gift certificates along with nail polish

  • Marissa S.

    I am only a mom to kids of the furry variety currently…. but every year on mothers day it was tradition that my brother and I would go to our Aunt’s house and plant flowers in her front garden and veggies in the back …. my aunt passed away a few years ago but she always treasured this time with us

  • Catherine

    Spending time with my mom is the best gift of all!

  • Amy (Irwin) Duke

    Beauty related gifts are my favorite to give and receive. My mother isn’t in to beauty items, but I’m trying hard to pull her in! 🙂

  • Edwina Davis

    I love the polishes you are sharing, especially the Sunday Rose. Thanks for the Mother’s Day Giveaway!

  • einalem_og

    Woke up at dawn and planted the front yard with her fave flowers so she wouldn’t have to pay to get it done … finished before she woke up! lol

  • Candice

    My favorite gift to give on Mother’s Day is a Scentsy. I have one to both my mom and grandma, and they love it!

  • Andrea Darst

    I took and sister to a spa day a few years ago. It was great to both spend time together while getting pampered!

  • My fav thing to receive is a hug and a ‘happy mother’s day’ from my wonderful son. I don’t need gifts….just being remembered is what makes my day.

  • Stephanie LovestruckLacquer

    this box is such a great gift idea! i really love the thermal polish especially… feel like it is such a great color for moms! 🙂

    • I totally agree! Both conservative and more hip moms will like this one!

  • My favorite gift was when my girls bought me a coach purse!

  • Tammy

    I am not big on gifts for Mother’s Day. I just like when my son tells me he loves me or tell’s me to have a nice day or asks me how my day was…. so I pretty much get it all the time.

  • Arachne646

    My favourite present from my son was his calligraphy work for me.

  • Jamie L

    I love shopping for pretty things for my 90 year old grandma. She loves birds, butterflies, flowers and hummingbirds, and is so appreciative of any gift!

  • Tabitha

    Anything that you can tell has some thought put into it.

  • Beth Combs

    I love handmade things 🙂

  • Colleen Boudreau

    Lotions or perfumes.

  • Manna

    I like to gift my mom flowers for her garden

  • Dash Moon

    Spending time with my family

  • Amanda Lawson

    My first Mothers Day I got a card from my parents, my 2nd I got nothing, this’ll be my third and most likely nothing again. Single mother problems, lol. Kinda depressing cause makes me feel not appreciated by anyone(live with my parnets, help out best i can and with my siblings and blah). Can’t wait til my daughter can make things and all, maybe next year or the next…lol. My favorites to give was handmade things.

    • I’m sure those handmade gifts will start pouring in as soon as she’s a little older!

      • Amanda Lawson

        Oh I can’t wait for that too. 🙂

  • I gave my mom a photo collage of my sister and I from when we were younger; I think she really loved it!

  • Trisha

    When I got a Mrs. fields cookie cake, my favorite!

  • liz l

    Something personal, my hubby gave me a picture of pupsters

  • Jaclyn

    Cards that make mom cry.

  • Marissa Aizprua

    I like to do whatever my mom wants to do on mothers day. I can provide and US Address. Hope its ok. Thank you!

  • Denise F

    I would love to be a mother…

  • Tang Avian

    I would go pick up the friends who dined with us as dinner was cooking. After dinner, I brought everyone back home. We al piled in the bed and watched tv together.

  • Cathy Malmat

    I enjoy picking out a new gift every year for my mom, like a fun t-shirt or little desk decor. 🙂

  • Amanda Leigh

    I always enjoy taking my mom out for a special lunch.

  • Tricia

    My three-year old son picked out the perfect pair of flip flops for me. It meant so much that he really pondered what to get me, and even more that I loved them!

  • Shifrah Friedman

    I just love a nap!

  • Sheryl

    A spa getaway that I still need to go on!

  • Tanya Payne

    I love to give my mom vintage jade glass and crystal, she loves them both!

  • Veronica Torres

    i usually pamper my mom. ill give her a mani and pedi and massages, followed by special homemade lunch or dinner

  • Rebecca Brewer

    So far the best is to get to sleep in past 7am.

  • Mollie Mills

    I Love To Give My Mom Roses And Hugs And Having A Cook On Mother’s Day <3

  • Brittany Faries

    My favorite gift was when my son got me a garden that we both keep up with! 🙂

  • Lorraine

    I love the homemade gifts and cards from my kids. they make some amazing things for me.

  • Erin Ortiz

    I like to give home decor to my mom.