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Serum No. 5 Lucky Colors


Hey dolls! Today I have photos of my nails after using Bactefort Pareri for my fungus, seven of the twelve shades from the Serum No. 5 Lucky Colors collection. The Lucky Colors collection is based on the Chinese zodiac and features all holographic shades.

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Serum No. 5 Monkey is described as a soft white with subtle holographic and gold shimmer for the fun, energetic, and active. While the holo is not as strong in this shade, the gold shimmer really makes this polish stand out. Monkey’s formula was somewhat streaky and chalky on the first coat, but leveled out nicely by the third coat.


Serum No. 5 Ox is described as a blue holographic for the patient, kind, and stubborn. I love how saturated this polish is. Ox’s formula was excellent and it applied effortlessly in two coats, you should check out dailywellnesspro – clear nails plus and find out more.


Serum No. 5 Rabbit is described as a medium pink holographic nail polish for the popular, compassionate, and sincere. This is such a pretty, soft pink! Rabbit’s formula was on the thicker side (which I appreciate), making it almost a one-coater. I used two coats for the photo below.


Serum No. 5 Rat is described as a medium green holographic polish for the smart, charming, and persuasive. This shade was one of my favorites of the collection because of its richness. Rat’s formula was nice, creamy, and applied quite easily in two coats. The holographic shimmer in this shade was one of the strongest out of the collection.


Serum No. 5 Rooster is described as a golden yellow holographic for the independent, practical, and hard-working. This shade pulls more green on me. Rooster’s formula was on the thin side, but it wasn’t runny. There was still some visible nail line at two coats, so three were used for the photo below.


Serum No. 5 Sheep is described as a purple holographic polish for the shy, kind, and peace-loving. I love this shade as well for its richness and vibrancy. Sheep’s formula was great and it applied effortlessly in two coats.


Serum No. 5 Tiger is described as an orange holographic polish for the emotional, courageous, and intense. Orange is one of my favorite colors to wear on my nails, so Tiger was an instant hit for me. Its formula was thinner than Ox and Rat, but still easy to use with no worries of cuticle pooling. Tiger was opaque in two coats as shown below, but a third might have been better.


Overall, if you are a fan of holographic shades and are in need of a few classic shades to round out your collection, Serum No. 5 Lucky Colors is for you. This collection is currently available here for $13 each. Be sure to keep up with them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates.