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About Me

I’m just a girl documenting her obsession with nail polish (and some fashion thrown in), one manicure at a time!
I’ve been obsessed with nail polish for as long as I can remember. The idea of this blog came from my hubby a few months before we married, when he saw how much time and effort I put into doing my nails.  I always take pictures of my nails anyway, so why not document them on a blog. By day, I’m a speech-language pathologist, but nights and weekends are for nail polish! Polishing my nails is not only fun, but its a relaxing time for me to focus just on myself. The brighter, the better is my policy when it comes to nails. I’m looking forward to sharing pictures, tips, and all things nails with you!
  • beachgal

    I am not seeing any link on the new web site here to an email addy for you – would think you would want that so companies can contact you regarding PR and other things. Maybe I am just missing it somewhere? I know I need it from time to time to contact you if there is something not working right. Also I did get my confirm from thiss R2 email the blog thing and on the confirm it says folks using this service are limited to only 5 subscriptions using this R2 thing – that’s next to nothing! Maybe it’s only limited to 5 during the beta testing for R2? Not sure, but would think that might be a real down side if R2 ever really gets used a lot by subscribers – I know I would freak if it was the only way to get email of new posts and I had maxed out at 5 – I get maybe 30 or 40 via email notice now.

    • The email is under the contact/disclosure tab. I found the wordpress subscribe by email widget and made that change, so it should now look more like what you’re used to seeing. Thanks for all of your feedback!

  • beachgal

    Also just realized the RSS link next to the search bar for your web site is not going anywhere – I thought I would try that to see what options came up for RSS feed as I would think many would want to send it to their Google Reader – but it’s just sitting there spinning – I reloaded the web page – left and came back to a new page – nothing – it’s stil spinning and not connecting me to anything…I get a status at the bottom of my screen that says it’s ‘transferring data from http://www.refindandpolished.com….but it’s going nowhere on that transfer.

    • I checked on several different computers and using different browsers, and it works on my end. I’ve had several others confirm that it is working for them, so I’m not sure why you’re having that problem.

  • mo11yb1ue

    Lakeisha- I got your box filled with my Barielle Perfect Manicure prize, and I was as excited as a schoolgirl! Your package arrived in perfect condition, and inside were three beautiful smaller packages, each wrapped in either pink, blue or lilac tissue paper, with a satin ribbon tying each closed – I felt like I was receiving a gift from my favorite Aunt (Naomi) (It took me back in a really pleasant way). I love that you take so much care with your presentation. I’m hooked, Sister. <3