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Zoya PixieDust

Hey dolls! I’ve been waiting to see the Zoya PixieDust collection in person since they first started dropping hints about it late last year. I honestly didn’t know whether I was going to be a fan of the textured look or if I would slather on top coat. I’m glad to report that I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this set. Zoya describes the feel of these polishes as sugary and I totally agree with that. All pictures shown below are without base or top coat. The darker shades are more pigmented, while the lighter shades are more sheer. Overall, the formula was easy to work with; not too runny or too thick. Within 30 seconds to one minute, the polish morphs into the matte PixieDust look. I’d recommend waiting a couple of minutes in between coats to avoid dragging or thick spots. Dry time depends on the number of layers used. After about 10 minutes, I could touch the nail and it would not leave an impression. I did have to wait almost 45 minutes before it was completely dry to do the accent nail shown below. All of the shades removed more easily that I thought they would, which is a positive. Now, onto the pictures!

Dahlia is black with silver shimmer. This one reminds me of freshly laid asphalt. Two coats were used for opacity.



Chyna is red with more of a blackened sparkle. I’m not a red fan by any means, but I must admit that this polish looks pretty dope in photos! Two coats were used. My second coat was a little heavy on the middle finger, hence that glossy patch that wasn’t completely dry. As mentioned before, wait in between coats so you don’t have that happen.



London is dark gray with silver shimmer. Two coats were used for opacity.



Vespa is sage green with silver shimmer. This is the one I was most excited about after seeing the press releases. On the first coat, Vespa is very sheer with little color payoff. I was happy with the way it looked at three coats.



Nyx is periwinkle blue with silver shimmer. Love, love, and love this one. Nyx just makes me want a sweet treat for some odd reason. The formula was sheer, but built up nicely. Three coats were used.



Godiva is nude with silver shimmer. I was on the fence with this one based on the press release. Turns out Godiva is another one of my favorites! The formula was sheer, so three coats were used.



The PixieDust collection, while different colors, reminds me of the peach and orange rings that I used to eat as a child that were covered in yummy sugar! I’m thoroughly impressed with this collection. I even did a little nail art with Godiva and Nyx that I am still wearing today. If you follow me on social media, you’ve seen this picture already.

PixieDust Accent2

I can’t get over how amazing these polishes are! The wear time is absolutely great. I put the combo above on Saturday morning and I have no chips at all after several rounds of dishwashing and a four hour hair session on Sunday. I just knew I was going to have PixieDust chunks in my hair, but I’m glad to report that was not as issue. The texture, while it takes some getting used to, is pretty cool. It didn’t get snagged on my clothing or my hair at any point. Now I just need Zoya to make more PixieDust polishes in other colors; I’m thinking pink, coral, purple and turquoise. The PixieDust collection retails for $9 each and can be purchased here. Make sure you follow Zoya on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) because they are known to have amazing promos!

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