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Zoya Gretchen

Hey dolls! Today I have pictures of a polish you have seen on me before if you’ve been with R&P since the beginning. Zoya Gretchen is absolutely the most perfect nude that I have ever tried and was one of the first polishes I blogged about. I wear this polish quite often and I figured I was long overdue to put up some better pictures of it. Gretchen is described as a light milky brown with neutral pink tint and warm clay undertones. The formula is good and I used three thin coats in the pictures below.

Gretchen Gretchen2

Gretchen is just so simple and gorgeous on my complexion! My french teacher in high school used to say my skin tone was the color of cafe au lait (coffee with milk) and I think about that every time I wear Gretchen. Looking back at the first pictures I took of Gretchen here, all I can say is my my, how I’ve grown in this blogger world. Sometimes I like to go back to my old posts just to see how R&P has blossomed over the last 1.5 years. Gretchen is well worth a second post!

Zoya Gretchen

What’s your favorite nude polish?