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Zoya Designer Collection

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Hey dolls! I guess this is the week of collection reviews on R&P. Today I have pictures of the Zoya Designer collection for you. I’ve been looking forward to this set as I was first introduced to Zoya last year with the Intimate collection, which I adored. The Designer collection consists of six creme polishes that put me in the mood for warm sweaters, wool dresses, cozy peacoats, and sexy boots. The formula was typical of Zoya cremes and most were almost opaque in one coat, but I did two for all of the pictures below.

Rehka is described as a bold medium blood red creme. The formula flowed easily onto my nails and it did not stain upon removal as reds sometimes do. I am extremely surprised that I sort of like the way this red looks on me. It felt sexy on my nails and I could imagine wearing this on a date night.

Toni is described as a dark, warm raisin-wine cream with strong purple tones. The formula on this one was thicker than all of the others, but not problematic. Toni is the perfect shade for those who like vampy polishes. I would love a coat in this color.

Monica is described as a dark, soft blue-toned purple. The formula was not problematic at all. A purse in this color would be the perfect transition into fall.
Natty is described as a smoky deep steel blue. The formula flowed perfectly onto my nails. I absolutely love this shade of blue because they look great year round. At first I thought it looked familiar, but I didn’t find a dupe when I checked my stash. 
Evvie is described as a dark smoky grey cream with strong teal green undertones. This is an interesting color; depending on the light, it can lean more grey or green. I love to pair greys like this with pink, yellow, and purple in the fall.
Noot is described as a very dark grey cream with strong blue-green undertones. You may be thinking that description sounds eerily similar to Evvie. I had to look very closely after uploading these pictures to tell them apart. Noot is darker when compared to Evvie. 
Overall, I like this collection. While I wish Evvie and Noot weren’t so similar, the Designer collection has something for everyone. My favorites were Natty, Monica, and Rehka. Gosh, I can’t believe I just said a red polish was one of my favorites from a collection. Leave it to Zoya for this to happen! Up next, I’ll have pictures of the Gloss collection. Zoya polishes can be purchased for $8.
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