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Zoya Blogger Collection

Kate Spade, Vivienne Westwood, Jessica Simpson


Hi dolls, a huge smile came on my face when I received the email from Birchbox about the Zoya Blogger collection. I almost passed until I read in the description that all of the polishes were jellies. Jellies are one of my favorite finishes, so I was all in for this set. The Blogger collection consist of three polishes that were inspired by mood boards from beauty bloggers. I’ll go ahead and say now that the formula for all three was flawless and applied effortlessly. Three coats of polish was used for the pictures.

Coraline, inspired by Eleventh Gorgeous, is a warm tangerine jelly. While I thought Arizona looked like juice was poured over my nails, it has nothing on Coraline! Coraline is an amazing orange that reminds me of orange jelly beans.

Kate, inspired by The Small Things, is a pinkish grapefruit jelly. It looks amazing on the nail and is my favorite from the collection. Kate is pretty unique when it comes to other jellies in my collection. It is the perfect blend of pink and orange. This color was so hard to photograph! It was most color accurate in the shade.

Belle, inspired by Capitol Hill Style, is a coppery pink with iridescent shimmer. I’m kind of on the fence with this one. I like Belle, but I think it would be better as a regular shimmer polish.

indirect light

Overall, I like this set a lot and I’m glad I ordered. The colors are perfect for the spring and summer. Stayed tuned for jelly sandwiches with each of these polishes! At the time of this post, the Blogger collection is still available on Birchbox, so you may be able grab these for yourself.