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Wedding Nails!!!

Hey dolls! I’ve been gone for a little over a week on my honeymoon to Jamaica after my wedding on 4/30/11. Everything was absolutely beautiful! I wanted to share the mani I got done for the wedding before we left, but yea…there was just no time for that. I decided to get gelish polish applied for the wedding so that I would not have to do my nails on the honeymoon…who wants to worry about polish chipping then right. I’m not a traditional french manicure girl by any means, so I decided to go with a deep purple polish (the wedding colors were apple green and dark purple with accents of yellow). All of the bridesmaids and hostesses also wore shades of purple or nude tones as well. Our photographer got some great pics of our nails, so I’ll share those later.

This was my first time trying out gelish polish, and I must say it was an experience. The nail tech did not seem very experienced in the gelish application. The coverage was uneven and she had to redo several nails. She cut my cuticles in a manner that left them uneven and ragged. I left there feeling like I should’ve done my nails myself. I got them done the Thursday before the wedding and I just didn’t have time to get them redone. Overall they look okay, but I’ll definitely request someone else if I choose to get it done in the future. Now on to some pics…I took them on the following Monday after the wedding. The color is Night Reflection.

I really liked the color, but as I said before, the application was not good at all. I’ll make a post tomorrow on how I removed it.

Here are a few other wedding day pics 🙂

The BMs carried the cutest parasols 🙂

hubby and I

Between the Zoya Earthday Exchange and my Sinful Colors polish haul, there are lots of swatches ahead. Happy polishing dolls!