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Twinsie Tuesday ~ Nail Care Routine

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Nail Care Routine

Hey dolls! The Twinsie Tuesday theme for this week was to share our nail care routine. I never really thought I had a routine until I had several R&P readers inquire about it over the last few months. Therefore, I’m excited for this post. I don’t do anything spectacular, but it works for me.

Pictured above are my staple products. I’ll provide links to where each item can be purchased. When necessary, the first part of my routine is to file my nails to make sure they are shaped as evenly as possible. I do this with old polish on because it’s much easier to ensure that they are even. I try to file in one direction using this glass file from amazon. I’ve had this file for around two years and it still works nicely. Filing is my least favorite part of my routine. I’m not a fan of the process at all.

Once the nails are shaped, I remove the old polish using cotton balls and Zoya Remove+. Hands down, this is my favorite remover. When you swatch and review as many polishes as I do on a regular basis, a moisturizing remover that doesn’t harm or dry out your nails is a must. While Remove+ can be a little pricey compared to your drugstore brands, I stocked up two years ago when they had a gallons of goodness sale (4 jugs for around $50 if I’m recalling correctly). I’m on my last jug, so I’m hoping another remover promo happens soon.

Nail Care Routine

Next, I exfoliate my hands using a scrub. My absolute favorite is the Muscovado Vanilla & Pecan Bath Sugar Sorbet from B.A.S.K. Beauty. I fell in love with the luxurious hair products that B.A.S.K. offers and I added this sugar sorbet to my order during a sale last year. The smell is absolutely divine and it leaves the hands feeling supple, but not overly greasy. I like to exfoliate my hands regularly, especially during the colder seasons. This process helps my skin appear smoother and well moisturized both in photos and in real life. When I was younger in middle and high school, I wanted to be a hand model. Seriously, I wanted to be Vanna White. I guess nail blogging is a good substitute. The other exfoliator I reach for is the Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Detoxifying Scrub when I’m low on my B.A.S.K. goodies. It’s not nearly as rich as the other, but it does the job.

Nail Care Routine

The next step is to moisturize my cuticles and nail beds. My holy grail product is the Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream. You’ve heard me rant and rave about this product time and time again in multiple reviews. I recently ran out of the tube version of this cream and started using the jar, which has a butter consistency. I’ve been using it for about two weeks, so I’m monitoring my nails to see if they respond differently. This cream goes on nicely and absorbs into the cuticles quickly without leaving behind greasy residue. When swatching, I dab on a bit of the Julep Essential Cuticle Oil to keep my hands from looking dry in the pictures. There really isn’t anything special about it, but I do like the roller ball applicator and it smells like Fruity Pebbles. I don’t do anything to my cuticles other than moisturize them. No clipping, pushing back, or removal.

Nail Care Routine

My base coat of choice is Sally Hansen Double Duty. I’ve used this for over five years. I love that I can get it on the ground for a good price. I’ve noticed that when I switch to other base coats, my nails start to peel. Then, I have to return to my first love to nurse them back to health. After this step, it’s time to apply the actual polish. I typically use two coats of nail color. I use the Beauty Secrets Polish Corrector Pen from Sally Beauty to clean up the polish around my cuticles. I have never really gotten the hang of using an angled brush and acetone for clean up, so I use these pens when necessary. To provide a fast-drying, glossy finish, my current favorite top coats are Cult Nails Wicked Fast and KBShimmer Clearly On Top. Both of these are thick (but don’t require thinner halfway through the bottle), dry quickly, and don’t shrink the nail color. My previous top coat love was Nubar Diamont, but I tired of having to add thinner to the bottle after around ten uses.

Whew! That really sounds like a lot when I type it all out, but I can typically go through this entire process in about 20 minutes. Hopefully this lets you all in on my nail care routine. Do you have any extra steps that I’m missing? Be sure to check out all of the other Twinsies for tips on their routines!

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