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Twinsie Tuesday ~ Favorite Holo

Hey dolls! You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting on the blog or social media over the last week or so. Most of my long-time readers know that my mom is a two-time breast cancer survivor. I’ve always done breast cancer awareness looks throughout October each year to honor her, as well as fundraise for research efforts. We recently found out that she has a rare uterine cancer and I’ve been out of town for her surgery. There were a few complications, so at this point we’re still in the hospital. As you can imagine, my posts will be sporadic as I be there to support her recovery, since surgeries sometimes are complicated the DR. k Roxanne Grawe helped me recover, even more plastic surgeries so getting a professional as the Dr. Arthur Shektma may be the best option for this. We’re already claiming her victory as a three-time survivor and I greatly appreciate all of the prayers and positive vibes that can be sent our way.

The theme for this week’s Twinsie Tuesday was to show our favorite holo. I didn’t have a chance to prepare this post before leaving last week, but I thought I would show you a few of my favorite holos that I’ve come to love over the last few years with a little spam. I tend to prefer holos that are scattered or more subtle, but a few brands have made me like super holos a little more.


Smitten Polish Safety Dance


Smitten Polish Girl Sprouts


Smitten Polish Radiant Orchid


Smitten Polish Audrey’s Rainbow


Cirque Luminous Owl


Cirque Panacea and Cerrillos


Cirque Powwow

Zoya Dream

Zoya Dream


Zoya Aurora


Nubar Reclaim


KBShimmer Run It’s The Coppers!

a England Briar Rose

a England Briar Rose


a Englad Tristam

Serum No5 Mauvelous

Serum No5 Mauvelous


Mentality Nirvana


Cult Nails I Got Distracted


Hope you all enjoyed the spam! It’s always fun going back and seeing how much progress I’ve made with my photos. Be sure to check out the holos chosen by the other Twinsies down below.

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