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Twinsie Tuesday ~ Disney Inspired

Hey dolls! The theme for this week’s Twinsie Tuesday was Disney inspired. I adore Disney movies, especially Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. After staring at a photo of the Disney princesses, I decided to base my look on the colors of Sleeping Beauty’s dress.

Sleeping Beauty’s gown is various shades of pink with just a touch of white at the neckline. I started with a base of Zoya Flora, one of my favorite pinks. I then added one coat of Candeo Colors Dolce to the index and pinkie fingers. Dolce is a light pink jelly base filled with dark pink, silver, and white glitter. The formula was thin, but I’m sure it could be built up to opacity. Dolce also included silver moon glitter, but I made sure to not get any of those on my nails. (I need to do some research, but I think the composition of this glitter has changed since it was first released; I don’t recall moons being in it.) Next, I sponged Zoya Reagan over Flora in a gradient manner on the accent nails. Finally, I added one coat of Sonnetarium Snowfall to soften the look of the gradient and to tie in the white neckline of the gown.

Candeo Colors Dolce

Candeo Colors Dolce

I really love how this turned out! The colors represent Sleeping Beauty’s gown perfectly without being literal. I don’t know why I don’t do gradients more often because they look so awesome and are relatively easy. Be sure to check out how the other twinsies interpreted this theme down below!

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