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Twinsie Tuesday ~ Bubbles ~ Orly Frolic

Hey dolls! I put together this look for today’s Twinsie Tuesday bubble theme at the last minute, so it’s pretty simple. If you follow me on social media, you know I celebrated my bestie getting her MBA late last week. We treated ourselves to a little girl time by getting manis and pedis done at one of her favorite salons. I ended up getting just a polish change on my nails (I’m not a huge fan of them clipping my cuticles and all of that other fun stuff). Orly Frolic was used on my nails. I posted that it was so hard to find a color that I didn’t own in the salon and I thought I found a winner in Frolic. Turns out, I did own Frolic at some point. I mentioned it in this post years ago and used it to stamp here back in 2011. It was never worn as a full mani before I swapped or sold it. For the bubbles theme, I added dots using my favorite white, Orly Au Champagne. Next, I added a purple dot inside of the white using the closest purple I could find in my stash.


I’m crazy, because Frolic is a gorgeous, bright purple and I don’t have anything like it currently. This look turned out alright, but it’s definitely not my best work. Maybe when I have some time after traveling calms down in a few weeks, I can do the comic bubble nails like I intended to for this week. Be sure to check out how the other Twinsies interpreted this theme below!

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