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The Hungry Asian Vote for Purple

Happy Memorial Day! My thanks and prayers go out to all of the service men and women who have fought for our countries and to their families. We have several military men in my family, so this is a special day.

I decided to add a little more sparkle to Essie She’s Picture Perfect by layering The Hungry Asian Vote for Purple on top. Vote for Purple is jam packed with fine lavender and silver glitter. The formula is very dense, so I only needed one coat. It dries with some texture, but one layer of top coat smoothed it out. I only have a mini bottle of Vote for Purple, so I’m holding my Nubar Diamont for the pictures.

These mini bottles are just too cute!

These two are a perfect combination! Vote for Purple added just the right amount of bling that I was in need of. I’m even more excited to wear the other polishes from The Hungry Asian now. A lot of her polishes are in stock now, so check out her Etsy page here.