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Swatch Alert…Zoya Lolly

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I tried out Lolly before the wedding, but I forgot to publish the post…oops. This is the only color that I purchased from Zoya’s Mod Matte Collection. I really love this shade of pink. If you read any other reviews, you already know that mattes can be a pain to apply. The first coat was soooo streaky, that it was crazy! It dried extremely quickly, which is good and bad. Good so you can move on about your day…bad because it made uneven lines in the finish. I had to do 3 coats to get it to look well. I learned quickly that you have to use very thin, light strokes. On to the pics…

Once applied, I really liked the finished product. It stayed on for about 3 days before I saw some tip wear and slight chipping…but that’s to be expected with a matte. Even if you’re not a matte fan, you can always apply a top coat if you just like the shade of pink.

How do you feel about mattes? Happy polishing dolls!