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Sunshine Award

Shouts out to Neeka over at In the Life of a MILF for giving me the Sunshine Award! Thanks doll, its greatly appreciated!!! 

  1. Favorite color – yellow
  2. Favorite Animal – I’m not much of an animal person.
  3. Favorite number – 61 (my sorority line number)
  4. What perfume am I using right now? – None right now, but the last I wore was Victoria’s Secret Aloha Pink – Vibrant & Beachy
  5. Something you always wear with you and identifies you. – My style switches way too much for that, but most know me for my big hair.
  6. What’s your passion? Helping those with communication disorders…I love my job and the kids I work with!
  7. Getting or giving presents? – I like to give…especially when the person isn’t expecting anything.
  8. What was the last eyeshadow you used? – Some shade of purple by Mary Kay…I’m not much for makeup either lol.
  9. Favourite day of the week – Fridays = date nights 🙂
  10. Are your nails painted right now? Well duh…I’m still wearing OPI DS Signature, but I’m going to change it today.

And I award…
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I just love seeing the swatches and nail art that these ladies share. Check our their blogs and let them know that KayJay sent you. 🙂 Happy polishing dolls!