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~ Stylish Blogger Award ~

Thanks so much to Traci over at The TraceFace Philes for giving me this award!!! I appreciate the love!

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  1. I just got married on 4/30/11 to the most awesome man in the world!!! We got married at a country club in North FL and it was the most perfect day I could’ve asked for. Hubby was one of the main reasons I started this blog.
  2. I have an addiction to all things accessories…I love shoes, purses, jewelry, headbands, and nail polish. Yes, I think of polish as an accessory! 🙂
  3. I am a super picky and weird eater. I have texture issues and I cant stand too many different things mixed together. For example, I can only eat cereal with ice in it and I love oatmeal raisin cookies…but I pluck all of the raisins out lol. 
  4. By day, I’m a speech-language pathologist at an elementary school and I’m finishing up my ph.d in communication disorders. By night, I’m all things nail polish, natural hair, and shopping.
  5. I love to watch sports…football and basketball are my favorite. There’s nothing better to me than an intense game…and of course hubby loves that I never complain about watching games.
  6. I absolutely love makeover shows! My favorites are What Not To Wear and How Do I Look? One of the best inventions ever is the dvr…I can watch my makeover shows whenever I want!
  7. I’m an absolute nerd when it comes to reading. My hubby gave me a kindle for my birthday a few years ago and it is the best thing ever!!! I was the kind of child who would have a flashlight under the covers still reading late at night. Once I start a book, I become crazily obsessed with it and can’t put it down until I’m done.
That was almost kind of hard to choose only 7 things once I got on a roll. I would like to pass the award on to:
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