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Sea Lore Ariel

Hey dolls! Today I’m wearing a gorgeous polish from a new Indie brand. Sea Lore, created by my polish friend Jamie, recently released a collection of polishes based on King Triton’s daughters. I immediately ordered two, Ariel and Adella, after seeing her pictures. I didn’t want to take off Nails Inc Baker Street, so I added one coat of Ariel for a little bling. Ariel is described as a bright turquoise jelly base with red squares, purples hexes, green glitter, and green shimmer. The formula was very easy to use and I didn’t have difficulty getting any of the glitter onto my nails. It dried relatively quickly but with a little texture, so top coat is needed if you prefer a smooth finish.

I love the proportion of the different glitters; it’s not too chunky! Typically I don’t go for square glitter, but I don’t mind them here because they aren’t massive. The addition of the shimmer really makes this stand out from others. I purchased the mini bottles and I’m pleased with the size and the ease of use with the brush. Sea Lore polishes are $5.50 (7mL) or $10 (15mL). 

Hope you all have a great weekend! I plan to do absolutely nothing and I’m looking forward to it!