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Scavenger Hunt!

I will be hosting a scavenger hunt on my facebook page tonight at 8p EST. A brand new bottle of the limited edition Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed is the prize.

You will be given clues to find several letters, that when unscrambled, make up one word. All of the answers will be found here on the blog. Here are the rules and all other pertinent information:

  • A clue will be provided at 8p EST and additional clues will be given at 10 minute intervals.
  • Each clue will lead you to one letter in a blog post title.
    • Example clue: Zoya + polka dots = happy me; 2nd word, 3rd letter
    • The correct post is Pink Wednesday ~ Zoya Pink Polka Dots; and the letter for the secret word would be “d”
  • I will have a status that says “Make your guesses here” after the first clue is given. Post your guess there when you think you have the correct word.
  • The first correct response will win Toxic Seaweed.
All you need to do is have my facebook page “liked”, be over 18 years old, and get ready for some fun. 
*Hint: This word can be found in the urban dictionary, but not on dictionary.com.*