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Review ~ Born Pretty Nail Foil Stickers

Recently I had the opportunity to choose an item to review from Born Pretty. After browsing through the massive selection of polish, nail art supplies and related goodies, I chose this animal print design nail foil sticker. The stickers retail for $5.37.

The foil stickers come in a pack of 16 with 8 different sizes. The instructions were to first buff your nails to remove any oils and then select the foil sticker that is the best size for your nail. Some sizes may have to be trimmed for an exact fit of your nail and the rounded edge of the foil sticker goes towards your cuticle.

Once the foil sticker is in place, you should use a cuticle pusher to smooth the foil down. I did not have the recommended “Push N Press” cuticle pusher, but used one that was in my manicure set. As you can see in the picture above, I had an extremely difficult time getting the sticker to lay flatly on my nail. The excess foil should be cut off and then filed in a downward motion. Here is what the final manicure looked like:

As stated before, the foils just did not want to lie flatly on my nails. I’m not sure if it’s because of the rounded shape of my nail bed, but I just could not get these to work. Luckily, since it’s just a sticker, they can be repositioned several times. On the downside, that takes away from some of the stickiness. While I love the pattern and the look these foils gave from afar, up close it was not pretty. The edges were wrinkled after being on my nails for less than 30 mins. The tips also had a “tipwear” look after being filed to get rid of the excess foil. I did not apply topcoat since that was not mentioned in the instructions (I’m just holding the Nubar for the photos).

Unfortunately, I cannot give an accurate description of how long these stickers last. While the packaging says 11 day wear, these did not make it into the same evening. As I was cooking dinner, I needed to wash my hands and the foil stickers immediately began to loosen. This makes sense as the stated removal method is to wash hands in warm, soapy water. These would look cute if you needed a quick and fun mani for a specific event, but I don’t know how they would hold up over longer periods of time.

Have any of you had success with these nail foil stickers? I would like to try some of the site’s other nail art products to see if they fair any better. If you would like to place an order at Born Pretty, you can enter the code LAKEL73 for 5% off of your order until 2.8.12.

***All products featured were sent by PR for review***