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Reader’s Choice Mondays ~ Ikat Nails

Hey dolls! The winner for this week was Ikat nails with 56% of the votes. I was kind of happy, but also a little intimidated when I saw the winner. I’ve been wanting to attempt this for so long, so here goes my efforts. I used these tutorials (1 & 2) to create the Ikat accent nails. I started with a base of Zoya Creamy, a gorgeous bright yellow. Next, using the tutorials above, I created the Ikat accents using Zoya Robyn, Sally Hansen Black Out, Sally Hansen White On, and several nail art striping brushes.



I sort of like the way this came out for a first attempt. The black lines are not nearly as neat as they should be. From far away it looks dope, but up close “it’s a total mess” (two snaps for the Clueless monet reference). Maybe I’ll try this again, maybe not. I haven’t quite decided yet. It’s definitely all about the brush technique and I think the one I used with the black was too thick. Either way, I’m glad I finally attempted this look.

For this week’s poll, I have three untried China Glazes for you to choose from. Please take a second to vote below.


Japanese Koi, Custom Kicks, Papaya Punch

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