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Reader’s Choice Monday ~ Sephora by OPI 212-Sephora

Hey dolls! The winner of this week’s poll was Sephora by OPI 212-Sephora with 61% of the votes. 212-Sephora is such a complex and unique polish. It is a brown shimmery base filled with flakies that change from orange to gold. There also seem to be some small flashes of blue and green. 212-Sephora’s formula was somewhat thin, but not runny. Two coats were used in the photos below.

212-Sephora 2


You all know I’ve been loving brown polishes this winter, so 212-Sephora is perfection in my book! It’s definitely unique to my stash and I’m glad I was able to pick it up for a great price in a blog sale.

For this week’s reader’s choice poll I have three untried Zoyas for you to choose from. Please take a second to vote in the poll!


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