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Reader’s Choice Monday ~ Daring Digits Master Shake

Happy MLK and Inauguration Day dolls! Did you all participate in the National Day of Service? I didn’t do anything on Saturday, but this morning I’m headed to a MLK Day Parade and then to volunteer at a nursing home.

There were not many votes in last week’s poll, so please let me know if this is a feature you would like to see continued or maybe no one was really interested in the options. The winner was Daring Digits Master Shake, a white based jelly-creme hybrid that has sparse purple and yellow-gold microglitter. The formula was very easy to apply and I used three coats for opacity.

Master Shake Master Shake 2

I really love how subtle Master Shake looks. The only thing that threw me off about it was the scent. It’s a very strong, almost acrylic type of scent. If you are sensitive to smells (which I am), this may not be the one for you. I’ve heard from people who purchased polishes from Daring Digits in the past and during the most recent sale, that some of the polishes have a stronger scent now. I did contact Ashley and she let me know that she recently changed the base that she was using in Master Shake to make it more of a white base as opposed to the vanilla base seen here. She was very appreciative of me letting her know about the scent. Additionally, I wanted to mention that I’ve had a great customer service experience with her. I was mistakenly sent a mini bottle of Mix My Matte Up instead of the full-size I ordered and she responded within several hours. I was sent a full-size bottle as well as another polish called Popped. Daring Digits polishes can be purchased here.

For this week’s reader’s choice, I have several random drugstore polishes for you that I’ve had for awhile. Please take a second to vote!


Sinful Colors Luminary, Revlon Naughty/Perplex, Sally Hansen Lava