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Reader’s Choice Monday ~ Cult Nails Blaze

Hey dolls! The winner of last week’s poll was Cult Nails Blaze with 57% of the vote. As Blaze is a glitter top coat, I started first with a base of Cult Nails Fetish. Fetish is a one coat, matte black creme. The formula was amazing. While taking the pictures I kept thinking, this is one sexy polish!



Blaze is a gold and copper glitter top coat that was released as a Cult Nails second anniversary polish. The glitter is very dense and the formula was easy to use. I applied one coat of Blaze over Fetish. I free handed the stripe down the middle on two fingers to still show the matte goodness.




When I first purchased Blaze, I wasn’t sure if I would like it. Now that I have it, I think it’s pretty. The mixture of gold and copper has a huge bling factor.

For this week’s poll, I have three nail art options for you to choose from. Please take a second to vote in the poll below.

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