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Pure Ice Vinyl Remix Polishes

Hey dolls, today I have for you a review of the Pure Ice Vinyl Remix Art in Motion crackles. A few months ago, Bari Cosmetics sent out a request for bloggers who would like to review these polishes and I signed up. While I know most people are over crackles, these are not the norm. The Pure Ice Vinyl Remix  crackles come as a duo set with a Platinum Magic white base coat and the colored crackles. All of the crackles look black in the bottle; you can only tell the difference by the color of the label. First, you have to apply a coat of the Platinum Magic white base. The magic actually occurs when the crackle is applied, as the base changes colors. The formula on all of the polishes was thick, but manageable. I applied one coat of the white base and a relatively thick coat of the crackles for each photo below. The crackles dry to a matte finish, so I applied a top coat. Unfortunately, the Color Club top coat made the crackles bleed a little bit.

Up first is Rave, the orange crackle.

DJ Spinner is the green crackle.

Vintage Remix is the purple crackle. This photo was taken quickly in my light box, so it’s not as good as the others.

Emcee Me is the yellow crackle. I wore this one for several days and got lots of compliments. I always forget that everyone isn’t engrossed in the nail community, so some people still really love crackles or aren’t that familiar with them.

To close this post out with a bang, I wanted to do a rainbow crackle mani. I didn’t think I would like this nearly as much as I did. I ended up doing this on both hands and I’m still wearing it as I type this post.

Overall, I think the Pure Ice Vinyl Remix polishes are pretty cool. They were easy to use and cracked well, no matter how I applied it. These polishes are available at Walmart. The only downfall is that they come in duo sets with the white base coat and a crackle. Therefore, you would have multiple bottles of the base coat if you wanted all of the crackles. I’m not sure of the price because I didn’t see these on Walmart’s website, but Pure Ice polishes are usually pretty inexpensive.
*Update…I’ve heard from some polish friends that these are $6.97 per duo.*

Have these polishes made you rethink crackles?
*Products in the post were provided by PR for review*