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Pink Wednesday ~ Weird Indeed Blossom & Six

Hey dolls! Today I have pictures for you of a super girly polish I received from my friend Tam. Weird Indeed Blossom & Six is a dark pink jelly-creme hybrid filled with blue, pink, and silver various sized glitter. The formula was not problematic and I used two coats for the pictures below.

Blossom & Six 3 Blossom & Six Blossom & Six 2

Blossom & Six is cute! I wish there was a little more glitter though. I feel like I need to keep this polish simply because I used to watch Blossom all the time. Unfortunately, I don’t think Weird Indeed is making polishes anymore. She used to sell through a facebook store, which I couldn’t find through a search. Let me know if you’ve heard of this brand and if it is still around!

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