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Pink Wednesday ~ Polka Dots with Goldie Polish

Today for Pink Wednesday I’m wearing a brand that’s new to me called Goldie. I received a gift set of 8 polishes from one of my besties, West of Confessions of a Blog Vixen, during all of my wedding festivities. After doing a little research on the net, I think these polishes were sold at Bath & Body Works and can now be found at places like Marshalls. Unfortunately these shades have no names (I can’t stand that), so I’ll just label them by the numbers on the bottom. The base color for my mani was #33. This is a super girly light pink that has a subtle silver shimmer. The brush was a little wonky with this one, but luckily the polish evened out by itself. This is 2 coats:

I love how cute the bottles are with the bow and the flower petal lid! This is a super pretty pink. I’m glad I got around to wearing these. To make this mani a little fun, I got some inspiration from Beauty by Kayla Shevonne’s rainbow polka dot mani seen here. I used #20 (pink-leaning coral), #37 (bright Barbie pink), and #41 (mauve-ish pink) for the dots on my thumb and ring finger for accents.

#20, #37, & #41

I think this came out okay…its a lot of pink…uber girly to say the least! I’m getting low on pink polishes. Maybe I’ll switch to a different color of the week when I run out…

Have you ever heard of Goldie polishes???