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Mentality Metallics

Hey dolls! Today I have photos of five new additions to the Mentality Metallics collection. All of the polishes appear muted from afar, but when you get closer, you can see all of the depth. The formula was the same on all of the polishes; somewhat thick, very pigmented, and easy to use. Two coats were used for all of the photos below.

Thirst is described as a deep red toned brown with gold flecks. Hands down this is my favorite from the collection! The gold flakes really make this brown stand out.


Thirst 2

Zeal is described as a deep purple toned gold with gold flecks. This shade reads very taupe-like on me.



Ache is described as a deep blue toned gold with gold flecks. Love the depth of this one!



Yearn is described as a deep green toned gold with gold flecks. The shimmer is amazing in this one!



Hunger is described as a deep red toned gold with green flashes and gold flecks. I really love the subtle green flash. It helps to make Hunger a more unique shade.



Overall, these are nice additions to the Metallics collection. Because of the strong pigmentation, these may also be good for stamping. I’m glad I was able to get some swatching done using natural sunlight over the weekend, because the shimmer in these shades really sparkle. Mentality polishes can be purchased here for $8 each (includes shipping). They have a very active facebook page, so make sure you head over to keep up with them!

*Products used in this post were provided by the company for review purposes.*