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ManGlaze F* Off And Dye

Hey dolls! I’m in the process of clearing out folders for polishes that I’ve worn, but haven’t blogged about yet. I wore ManGlaze F* Off And Dye for a day or so before layering Mentality Gregarious on top. F* Off And Dye is a gorgeous matte pink that is filled with silver shimmer. The formula was great, as I’ve come to expect from ManGlaze. Two coats were used for opacity.

F* Off2

F* Off

This is such a pretty pink! Of course the day I wore this, I had three people at work ask me the name of the polish. I don’t curse often at all, so there was an awkward silence before I said what it was. Oh ManGlaze and their cheeky names! ManGlaze polishes can be purchased here or in their Amazon store.

ManGlaze F Off And Dye