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KBShimmer Don’t Teal Anyone

KBShimmer Don't Teal Anyone

Hey dolls! Today I’m wearing a polish that I wanted as soon as I saw photos of it last month – KBShimmer Don’t Teal Anyone. Don’t Teal Anyone is described as a deep teal base with gold, teal, blue, navy and fuchsia hexes in several sizes, and micro fuchsia bars. I can’t say that I noticed the micro bar glitter, which is a good thing since I don’t particularly like bar glitter. The formula was good and two coats were used for the pictures below. These pictures were taken after a day of wear.

Don’t Teal Anyone did not disappoint! I am so in love with this polish, I’ve been wearing it since Tuesday night (hence why there was no Pink Wednesday post). I still have it on and the tip wear is still pretty minimal.