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Julep Leah + Pretty & Polished Bayou Blitz

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Hey dolls, I finally decided to take Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker off after wearing it for three days. It wore perfectly; I didn’t have any chips and very minimal tip wear. Another Jawbreaker plus was that I didn’t even have to use the foil method to remove it, which is always a positive in my book.

I decided to use my other purchase from Pretty & Polished since I’m on an indie kick. Bayou Blitz is a neon green glitter filled with large purple, pink, and green hexagonal glitter. I had a lot of difficulty getting the larger pieces of glitter out of the bottle and placing them on my nails. The base was relatively thick, but not problematic. I dabbed one thick coat of Bayou Blitz over Julep Leah.


The verdict is still out on Bayou Blitz. I like it because it’s a very unique polish and I like the shade of green. I’m not really sure how I feel about the hexagonal glitter and the process it took to get it to this point. I’ve been looking for a green polish with pink glitter and I thought Bayou Blitz fit the bill, but it’s not what I envisioned at all. Maybe I’ll attempt this with a different base color before swapping it out.

As mentioned earlier, I layered Bayou Blitz over Julep Leah. Leah is a gorgeous grass green that is filled with shimmer. The formula was a little bit thinner than what I expect from Julep, but it was opaque in two coats.

Now this one I love for sure! The shimmer in Leah is gorgeous. I almost wish I would have worn it alone for a day before layering Bayou Blitz over it. Leah is definitely a keeper!

What are your thoughts on Bayou Blitz?