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I Think I’m Ready to Join…

…the stamping craze! I’ve been reading up on the process, the materials needed, and what polishes work best. I’m between ordering some of the individual konad plates on amazon that I like or taking the plunge on Bundle Monster and just getting them all. I’m supposed to be on a “no buy” until after my wedding in less than 2 weeks, but purchasing the entire bundle is way more cost efficient…so that means I should go for it…right??? 🙂 I plan to get the double ended stamper and scraper.

I really want to try these plates! 
Konad M45
Konad M57
Konad M62
Some of the best tutorials on youtube on stamping come from Miss80Million. She’s super creative and gives very clear and concise steps for how the stamping process works. Here’s an example of one of her tutorials.
Please check out her YT page for more great tutorials. She is awesome! Once the wedding is over, I’ll be purchasing these image plates for sure…I can’t wait! Happy polishing dolls!