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How I Get Free Nail Goodies…

Hey dolls, I wanted to share with you all one of the ways that I get polish (without spending my hard earned money). I’ve been using Swagbucks, which is a search engine that rewards you simply for using the site like you would with Google. You randomly win bucks for your searches (you don’t get them all the time) and the bucks can be redeemed for prizes such as giftcards, mp3s, games, and other cool items. I always redeem my bucks for Amazon giftcards since you can purchase almost anything on that site, including nail polish and related goodies. My latest purchase from Amazon using giftcards was my set of dotting tools.

Dotting Tool 5pcs Set, Osaka Brand, Purple Acrylic Handles
Dotting Tools

I typically get 2-3 $5 Amazon giftcards per month using Swagbucks which is awesome in my book. I’ve been doing this for over a year, so I can attest to it being legit. This definitely helps fuel my polish purchases! I’ll be sharing more about Swagbucks as I order more items. If you’d like to sign up, here’s my referral code.

Have you heard of Swagbucks??? Leave any comments or questions below!