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Guest Post ~ Gwenn from Sugar Nails

Hi dear Refined and Polished readers! I’m Gwenn from Sugar Nails and I’m very honoured to write a guest post for Lakeisha today! If you know my blog, you may know that I absolutely love to make gradient nails. So for this post, I decided to go for something I wanted to try for a long time: a holo gradient!

I used the wonderful Saint George by A England as the base, then applied some of it and some Color Club Wild at Heart on a makeup sponge and sponged my nails with that combo. Here’s how it looked:
I like purple and green together and I loved how the holo hues mixed together. What do you think ?

On the next day, I wanted to add some stamping and played for the first time with my Enas plates. These are different than the Konad system; on one side it’s rubber with designs engraved in it, on the other side it’s a metal plate with the same designs, colored, to show you what you can obtain with them. The big advantage of this system is you can take your time to work with the designs, remove some parts of the design or apply multiple colors to it. Here’s a video that will show you how it works. It’s really a nice system. 

For this design, I used the A33 plate and China Glaze Hi Tek (the plates will work with most of the polishes that usually work with Konad). I did something simple with a single color but I removed a part of the design so my gradient wasn’t totally covered. Here’s the result:
It’s not totally neat, but it was my first time using that system and I liked how it turned out. I especially like how my gradient shows in the little dots. 🙂 I think I’ll have a lot of fun with these plates. 😉

What do you think? 

I hope you liked my post. 🙂 Thanks again for welcoming me here. 🙂
Gwenn, this is absolutely stunning! I absolutely love the colors together, as they compliment each other so well. These stamping plates seem cool as well…I must look into them. I’ve been a reader of Gwenn’s blog for a while, but we first became polish friends after I won her big 2 year anniversary giveaway. She is just the sweetest person ever! Gwenn showcases great nail art and swatches, so make sure you check out Sugar Nails