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Guest Post ~ Amanda from Amandalandish

Today’s guest post comes from someone I’m fast becoming good friends with. I’ve been following Amanda from Amandalandish for some time and I’ve gotten to know her even more after joining Twinsie Tuesdays. She always has great layering combinations and today is no exception!


Hi, everyone!  I’m Amanda from Amandalandish and I’m beyond excited to be able to guest post on Refined and Polished. I’ve always loved how LaKeisha juxtaposes her beautiful manis with fashionable ensembles; as someone bitten by the fashion bug myself, I really appreciate how she deftly weds both polish and clothes.  Inspired by LaKeisha’s typical post, I remembered that I instagrammed a photo on July 4 of the maxi dress I was wearing and noted that I thought it might make for a good manicure. 

Here’s the photo I took:

Cobalt black and white stripes

Since any attempt at creating lines on my nails has resulted in abysmal failure (if anyone follows me regularly, you’ll remember “Flounder: The Sushi Years” mani), I decided instead to use the colors as my guide.

I began with Brucci Luscious Lori, a stunningly flattering bright cobalt creme that like all Brucci polishes, applied like a dream.  After two coats of that, I whipped out my new Maybelline Clearly Spotted, a cookies and cream-like glitter topper.  Two coats of that beauty and voilà!  My maxi dress inspired mani.

Brucci Luscious Lori and Maybelline Clearly Spotted (1)

Brucci Luscious Lori and Maybelline Clearly Spotted (2)

Brucci Luscious Lori and Maybelline Clearly Spotted (3)
Sorry, I got carried away with the photo-taking since I really, really just loved this mani.  The blue base under the black and white struck me as a really cool and relaxing mix of shades and I was so pleased with how this turned out.  I hope you like it too!

A huge thank you to LaKeisha for the opportunity to guest post and I hope to see you around Amandalandish soon!