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Gelish Polish Removal ~ Tutorial

As promised, I wanted to make a post on how I removed the gelish nail polish that I had done for my wedding. I tried to get it removed before leaving Jamaica, but the salon there was unable to do it for me. After looking up a few youtube videos, I decided it was easy enough to do myself. Here are the steps I took, along with some pictures.

The materials needed are: pure acetone, strips of aluminum foil, cotton pads, and a cuticle pusher (or some other object to scrap off the polish).

I cut the cotton pads in half in order to make them easier to wrap around the nail. I poured some acetone onto the cotton pad and then wrapped it around the nail. It may be easier to do your most dominant hand first…I started with my left hand then struggled with the right…lol (luckily hubby was close by for reinforcement).

The cotton pads should be secured around the nail with a strip of aluminum foil.

Continue the same process with each nail. Leave the acetone on for 15 minutes. 
Remove the foil (beware…your cuticles/surrounding skin may be a little dry…but that can be easily fixed with some cuticle cream/oil). You should see that the polish has started to lift a little and soften. Gently scrap off the polish using your cuticle pusher.

Continue the process for all nails and then your done. It took about 10 minutes to do both hands.

To continue the clean up process, I went over each nail with my 4 way buffer to remove ridges, smooth, even, and shine the nails. The process, while a little tedious, is very doable on your own…especially if you don’t plan to have gelish applied again any time soon. Hope this helps someone!