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Fail ~ Green Ombre Mani

I’m sure you all have had times like these. You have a vision for a mani, you polish your nails, and then you sit back to view the job you’ve done. If you’re a blogger, you take some pictures and then upload them to the computer. In my mind, I knew I wanted to do a green ombre mani. I decided to take the easy route by choosing 5 different greens from my untrieds pile. Typically when doing ombre manis, I choose one base color and then progressively add white to lighten the color several shades as seen here and here. Well, I was feeling lazy and it was late, so 5 different greens it was. Here’s what I chose:

FingerPaints Tough Art to Follow; Joe Fresh Mallard; Ulta Limelight; SH Xtreme Wear Green With Envy; OPI Gargantuan Green Grape
So far so good; I’ve got my greens. Fortunately after applying 2 coats of each, except Gargantuan Green Grape (3 coats), this ombre mani looked a tad bit better in person than it does below.
The colors just do not look good together at all. It looks like I decided to do a skittles mani. Mallard looks way more blue above than it did in real life and Green With Envy wasn’t that bright. Everything about this was just off. Then I decided to try to tie it all together by adding a pink sparkly topcoat, Essence Feels So Good. 
It didn’t help. While I love the way it looks over the last 3 colors individually, collectively, this is just a mess. Feels So Good reminds me of FingerPaints Sparkle Topcoat. I did this mani late Sunday night and it was promptly removed after taking the last picture in the sunlight on Monday. I wasn’t inspired by this mani at all, hence no inspiration board. The highlight of this post, I have five less untrieds!
Don’t you hate when a thought is just a total fail!