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Cult Nails Princess

Trina Turk, Forever 21, Boutique 9, Thread Social

Hey dolls, today I’m wearing Cult Nails Princess from the Fairy Tale collection. I ordered the newest collection, Untamed, by Maria’s daughter Coco earlier this week, so I’m trying to wear these before those arrive in the mail. Princess is a dusty sky blue filled with copper shimmer. The formula was of typical Cult Nails fashion and I didn’t have any issues with it. I’m wearing two coats in the photos below.

I had such a hard time capturing the shimmer in my photos. While Princess definitely sparkles in the sun, the shimmer is not as visible indoors. I like the color though and it seems like others do as well because I’ve been getting compliments on it for the last two days.

Did you order Coco’s Untamed collection? I’m so excited for it!