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Cult Nails Enigmatic

Cult Nails Enigmatic
Rimmel, Elizabeth Cole, Judith Jack, Jalda


Hey dolls, as much as it pained me to take off In A Trance, I wanted to try another color from the latest Cult Nails collection. Enigmatic is a gorgeous shade of deep purple that flashes shimmers of pink, purple, red, and blue in the sunlight. The formula for this one was much thinner than what I’m used to from Cult Nails. It wasn’t problematic, but I did have to be more careful with my application. I must warn that this color does not look like much with one coat…the magic happens when you apply the second.

Enlarge to get a closer look at the shimmer!

This is a really gorgeous purple. The pink shimmer really makes it stand out in my collection. I wanted to add a plaid accent nail, but that was a fail. So of course I feel back on my handy dotting tools. The dots were done with Cult Nails Devious Nature, one of my favorite pinks.

Super simple and fun. I adore pink and purple together! If you’re liking these colors, head on over to Cult Nails. Using the code TEMPTALIA, you can receive $5 of your $40 or more purchase until the end of the month.

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