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China Glaze Riveting & Cover Band Sticks ‘n Stones

Amrita Singh, Tommy Hilfiger, Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian


Hey dolls! Have you guys missed seeing my nails? I’ve definitely been missing you all. I’ve submitted my completed dissertation to my committee and now the wait is on for my defense next Tuesday. Everyone around me has been noticing that I haven’t been changing my nails as often. I have a friend that I saw on Friday and I was wearing Picture Polish Denim (blog post to come soon). I saw her again last night and she could not believe I was still wearing the same polish. She proceeded to make me change my nails at 11p last night because “I was disappointing her.”

She chose China Glaze Riveting for me to wear. I’ve been wanting this polish since it was released with the Hunger Game series, but I could never find it locally. I was able to get Riveting in Enamel Girl’s blog sale (she’s super cool). Riveting is a warm orange that is packed with gold shimmer. I used two coats and the formula was great.


This orange polish is so fiery! I stared at my nails all night and then stared again the next day in the sunlight.  I’m so glad to finally have Riveting in my possession. I wonder how close this is to Zoya Myrta???

In light of all the Lynderella craziness, I thought it was only fitting to add a layer of Cover Band Sticks ‘n Stones to this mani the next day. A polish friend decanted some in a mini bottle for me in a swap. I added one coat to Riveting.

I like this pairing, but I’m not overly crazy about the bar glitter. I much prefer the look on my pinky where no bar glitter happened to come out. I was able to get Pretty and Polished Valentino (a black and white glitter without bars) in a swap last month, so now I’m looking forward to wearing that one.

There are a couple more amazing guests posts scheduled to round out the week. I may try to post again this weekend in between practicing my presentation. If not, I’ll be back next Wednesday to share my defense nails. Take care dolls!