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Mentality Nail Polish

I contemplated for several days whether I was going to make a post as the fiasco that is Mentality Nail Polish has spun out of control. As a former blogger for the brand, several readers of my blog have inquired about the state of my nails. I have swatched over 150 of their polishes and thankfully, never experienced any issues
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Baby R&P

Hey dolls! I just realized that I failed to make one big announcement here when I was providing updates on why I’ve been on hiatus…there’s a baby on the way! As some of you mommy bloggers out there may know, swatching while pregnant is not the easiest task. Add in a three month hiatus and it’s been a struggle to
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Just a few updates

**This is a re-post from 1.28.15 due to my site crashing.** Hey dolls! I know some time has passed since I last posted and even then, it’s been quite sporadic. I just wanted to formally share with you all that the sporadic nature of my posting may not change over the next few months. Most of you know that my
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Hello 2015!

Happy New Year dolls! I hope you all had a wonderful time bringing in 2015. 2014 is now in our rear view mirrors and I’m looking forward to all of the blessings in store this coming year. R&P continued to grow over the last year and there were several highlights: Main reviewer for several additional brands including: Serum No. 5,
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Updated Blog Sale

Hey dolls! Just a quick post to let you know that the blog sale tab has been updated. I’ve promised myself that I don’t want to keep more than what could fit in my three melmers, so a much needed purge was necessary. A week ago I asked on Facebook if a list would be fine since there are 150+
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R&P Celebrates 3 Years

Hey dolls! Things have been so ridiculously busy that I completely forgot to make a post on April 11 when R&P turned three years old. I thought about it at the end of April when my third wedding anniversary rolled around, but still forgot to post. Better late than never right? R&P has grown tremendously over the last three years!
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Shop My Style Feature

  Hey dolls! I have some pretty amazing news. R&P is a featured editor today on ShopStyle, where you can Shop My Style! My feature will appear on the ShopStyle homepage all day today. I handpicked approximately 50 items in my favorite color combination for this spring, mint and peach. The items range from less than $10 to $200, so
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Twinsie Tuesday ~ Nail Polish Collection

Hey dolls! Today’s theme for Twinsie Tuesday was to share our nail polish collection. I haven’t had an accurate count of my stash in quite a few months. That’s probably because I haven’t been doing a good job of updating my stash list as I get new polishes and purge older ones or those that I didn’t like. Crazy part is that
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Nail Care Routine

Twinsie Tuesday ~ Nail Care Routine

Hey dolls! The Twinsie Tuesday theme for this week was to share our nail care routine. I never really thought I had a routine until I had several R&P readers inquire about it over the last few months. Therefore, I’m excited for this post. I don’t do anything spectacular, but it works for me. Pictured above are my staple products.
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2013 Nail Polish Black Friday Sales

Hey dolls! Last year, there were lots of great sales in the nail polish world for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I wanted to compile this year’s sales here so that we can all get our shop on! I’ve listed some of my recommendations from each brand and my personal reviews are notated with (+). Many thanks to all of
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