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2014 Favorites ~ Nail Polishes

Happy New Year’s Eve dolls! I’ve yet to do my nails, but I plan to at least change them this evening. I absolutely cannot enter the new year with them looking the way they do at this point. I’ve maybe polished my nail four times this entire month. The struggle is real! Today I have a recap of my favorite
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2014 Favorites ~ Nail Art

Hey dolls! Only two more days left in 2014, so I guess I better get these end of the year posts done! I started with my favorite nail art looks because this post is always much easier to do than the favorite polishes. I didn’t branch out too much this year, but rather perfected my go-to techniques. In no particular
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2013 Indie Favorites

2013 Favorites ~ Indies

Hey dolls! The indie list of favorites was the hardest to narrow down out of all them. There are so many creative ladies out there making wonderful polishes, it’s hard to choose just 10. So I didn’t; I chose 15. In order to not have so many different categories of favorites, I’m including all independent brands in this list (handmade
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2013 Mainstream Favorites

2013 Favorites ~ Mainstreams

Hey dolls! 2013 is coming to an end and it’s time to wrap up the year with a few favorites posts. Today I’m sharing the mainstream polishes that I loved the most. These are shades that I wore at some point in 2013 (most were released this year as well). While most people agree that this was the year of
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2012 R&P Nail Art Favorites

Hey dolls! This is the last installment of the favorites list for 2012. I started to branch out and try a few more nail art techniques this year and I’m pretty pleased with my growth. I don’t claim to be great at nail art at all. I like to keep it pretty simplistic and chic. I love to see the
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2012 R&P Favorites ~ Part 2

Hey dolls! Here is the second part of my favorites polishes for this year. 1. NOPI Just Busta Mauve – This glitter is so complex! I’ve been in love with browns this year, so this one had to make the list. 2. Orly Au Champagne – This has to be my most worn polish of the year! Simple, sophisticated, and
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2012 R&P Favorites ~ Part 1

Hey dolls! I had so many favorites this year that it was impossible to get them all in one post. My initial list had almost 40 polishes on it. I trimmed it all the way down to 20 polishes, which you will see in two parts. These are my favorites from all of the polishes I’ve worn this year, including
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Favorite 11 of 2011

Hey dolls, I’ve been having so much fun reading the top polishes of 2011 from some of my favorite bloggers, that I decided to compile my own list. It’s so interesting to see the diversity in what everyone likes. The 11 polishes that I will show you today are my favorite releases from this year in alphabetical order. To see
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