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Barielle Treatments

Hi dolls, today I have a review of several treatments from Barielle for you. I’ve had these for over a month, but I wanted to use them consistently before providing a review.

Barielle Intensive Nail Renewal Oil is used to restore lipids, provide flexibility, and reduce breakage. I really like this oil, especially because it can be used over nail polish. There is a light, pleasant scent and the oil is not heavy at all. I applied the oil around the cuticle and the nail bed and then massaged it in. While daily use is recommended, I used it a few nights a week before bed. I found that this oil helped to keep my nails strong and my cuticles moisturized and in good shape. Another recommended use is to pair the oil with the Nail Strengthening Cream (which was reviewed here). I haven’t tried this combo, but the benefits of both have to be great because the strengthening cream alone is a staple in my nail care routine. This product can be purchased for $12.50.

Barielle Nail Rebuilding Protein base coat is used to help bond and strengthen weak nail layers. I was pleasantly surprised by this base coat. Typically, my nails do not respond well when I stray away from my typical base coat. Days after switching from the norm, my nails usually start to peel and break. This did not happen with the Nail Rebuilding Protein base coat! I’ve used it exclusively for the last month and my nails are thriving. They’re actually getting a little long, so I’ll be trimming soon. I haven’t had any major breaks and the base coat has protected well against staining. Overall, this base coat is a win and it can be purchased for $17.50. I’d be interested to hear how this base coat works for those who wear acrylics or gel nails for the majority of time.

Barielle Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender is a quick drying top coat with UV protection. It can also be used to keep dark colors from fading and light colors from yellowing. I used the manicure extender as my top coat over the last month as well. It dries to a very high gloss which I love. The formula is thinner than how I prefer my top coats, but it worked well. The box says that your nails will be completely dry in 60 seconds; I have to disagree with that, as the polish would still smudge at that point. I would give this top coat a good 5-8 minutes to really harden to where you wouldn’t have to be very careful. As I typically only wear polishes for 2-3 days at a time, I can’t speak on how well this product works as a manicure extender. This top coat can be purchased for $16.

I must say that I am pleased with the Barielle treatments I received. I can definitely see myself purchasing the Renewal Oil and the Rebuilding Protein base coat. The regular prices for these treatments are a bit expensive, but Barielle has 20-30% off sales often so I would order at those times. Sally Beauty Supply has recently started to carry several Barielle treatments, so that’s another option.

Have you tried any of these treatments?
*Products in this post were provided by PR for review*