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Autism Awareness ~ Nails Inc Pudding Lane

Hey dolls! I was browsing the Autism Speaks website last night and I came across this very interesting article (read it here) on ten things we’ve learned about autism over the last year. It’s amazing to see how much research has been completed over such a short period of time. While autism is not my research specialty, I’m very grateful to all of the speech-language pathologists and others who are developing studies to help children with autism become as successful as possible.

For this week’s autism awareness mani, I’m wearing Nails Inc Pudding Lane. Pudding Lane was a part of last year’s Sprinkles collection. It is a blue base filled with navy and gold glitter. The formula was very easy to use and built up nicely. Pudding Lane has great glitter payoff and you don’t have to worry about placement. Two coats were used in the photos below. (***Update*** I did get some staining upon removal, so be sure to double up on base coat.)

Pudding Lane

Pudding Lane2

You may notice some purple glitters in the photos above, which was not mentioned in the description. After seeing this Instagram photo from The Subtle Shimmer, we realized that the once navy glitters have become purple. Normally, I would be a little upset about bleeding glitters, but in this case, I actually like this version better. Do you have Pudding Lane? Did the glitters bleed?

Nails Inc Pudding Lane