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A England Tristam

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Hey dolls, I’ve been wearing my first A England polish since Sunday just waiting for the sun to shine. Tristam is a gorgeous deep blue scattered holo. The formula on this polish was simply amazing. It went on like butter and is super pigmented. When inside, Tristam is packed with silver shimmer, which is all I saw for the first two days of wearing it. Finally there was some sunlight late this afternoon and I became mesmerized. I now see why everyone adores this polish! This is two coats of Tristam. You may want to click to enlarge the photos to see all of its goodness.

Simply gorgeous! I love that the holo isn’t too bam, right up in your face. The color gives off an air of elegance and sophistication, hence the pearls in the inspiration board above. As you can see, I only have minimal tip wear after having Tristam on for three days with a topcoat of Nubar Diamont. I’m really excited to try some more polishes from this brand. My goodness, I hope I’m not getting addicted to these $12+ polishes.

Have you tried A England polishes yet???