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2014 Favorites ~ Nail Art

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Hey dolls! Only two more days left in 2014, so I guess I better get these end of the year posts done! I started with my favorite nail art looks because this post is always much easier to do than the favorite polishes. I didn’t branch out too much this year, but rather perfected my go-to techniques. In no particular order, here are my favorite nail art looks of 2014!

Zoya PixieDust Stripes ~ The original pixies are perfect for nail art in my book. They pair well together and dry relatively quickly.

Zoya PixieDust Stripes

Teal Fanbrush Accents ~ The Lady Varnishes is one of the indie brands I fell for in 2014 and The Pirate is one of my favorites from her. Her glitter combinations are unique and never too chunky, which is just my style. I like using a fanbrush for accents because the end effect always looks more complicated than it really is.

The Lady Varnishes The Pirate

BornPretty Nail Crystal ~ Lots of brands are selling nail crystals and shields at this point, but my first foray was with BornPretty. These crystals are perfect for a special event and provide just the right amount of bling.

BornPretty Sweet Color #3

Valentine’s Dots & Stripes – You all already know I can’t get enough of dots and stripes together. The combinations are endless in my book! This flirty pink look is one that I’d love to wear again.

Valentine's Guest Post

Grunge Mani ~ This look may have been the most adventurous one to be included in my favorites. I was pleasantly surprised at not only how easy it was to create, but also how great it looked.


Cult Nails Casual Elegance ~ Out of the three looks I created for my Google Hangout with Cult Nails and Nail Vinyls, this was my favorite. Dots and stripes for the win again!


Freehand Animal Print ~ I never freehand anything. I’m still surprised that this accent nail looked decent enough to share.


KBShimmer Textures ~ I adore the way creams and textures look together. This combination of KBShimmer polishes is one of my most striking nail art looks for the year just because of how bright the shades are.


KBShimmer Tribal Nail Vinyls ~ KBShimmer ventured into the nail vinyl world this year and one of my favorite sets was the tribal one. The vinyls could be paired together for so many different looks. I definitely enjoyed wearing this look!


Funky French ~ I can’t even believe I’m including this look. This was my first time trying French tips, and I’m pretty sure I’ll only attempt these again if they are funky.


Inspired by a Book ~ This year I embraced nude polishes even more. There’s only so much glitter and brights a girl can take.


Nail Vinyls for a Cause ~ My breast cancer awareness manis are always special to me and I knew I needed the Nail Vinyls ribbon as soon as it was released. This look was simple, but I really loved the outcome.


Ribbons and Chevrons ~ It was way too difficult to choose only one BCA mani, as I loved this one just as much as the previous look. These two pinks from SmittenPolish compliment each other perfectly!


ModKloth Nail Klub ~ This was such a fun look to create! I love polka dots in fashion and even more when they are on my nails. These Cult Nails shades helped me recreate the ModKloth dress perfectly.


There you have it, my favorite nail art looks of 2014! Did any of your picks make the cut or did I leave something out?

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