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Zoya Summer PixieDust Collection

 Press Sample

Zoya Summer PixieDusts

Hey dolls! I was supper excited when I saw the press release for the Zoya Summer PixieDust collection and even more excited when I saw them in person! This collection consists of six shades are perfect for the warmer weather.

Solange is described as a gold metal sparkle that features an exclusive gold pigment. I love a good gold polish and this shade does not disappoint! Solange has so much depth and sparkle. If I could stick my hand in a pot of gold in an imaginary world, this is what it would look like. The formula was easy to use and opaque in two coats.



Beatrix is described as a tangerine metal sparkle. I love this shade because it’s so bright and vibrant. Unlike the silvery shimmer that was featured in the spring PixieDusts, Beatrix and a few others have a golden shimmer. The formula was thinner, so three coats were used for opacity.



Destiny is described as a coral metal sparkle. You all know my love for coral. Add in some heavy gold shimmer and texture and it’s a win in my book. Destiny was also on the sheer side, so three coats were used for opacity.



Liberty is described as a blue sparkle. This is such a vibrant and gorgeous blue, but unfortunately it stains. Definitely double up on the base coat when wearing Liberty; it’s too gorgeous to not be worn again. Two coats were used for opacity.



Miranda is described as a rose sparkle. This one really didn’t stand out to me when I saw the press releases, but it ended up being one of my favorites. Miranda is such a flattering shade of pink! Two coats were used for opacity.



Stevie is described as a violet sparkle. I saved Stevie for last when I was swatching this collection because I wanted to wear it for a day or so. I think Stevie is pretty, but it falls a little flat for me in comparison to the rest of the collection. It’s not as vibrant as the other shades so I think it would fit better with the spring PixieDust collection. Three coats were used for opacity.


Stevie2Overall, I really love the Summer PixieDust collection! My top favorites are Miranda and Destiny, but Solange and Beatrix aren’t far behind. Zoya has thoroughly impressed me with the PixieDust formula. Now I just need the fairies to make some more in teal, yellow, and bright pink. I wonder how many more textured collections they will release over the next year. The Summer PixieDust collection can be purchased here for $9 each.

Press Sample