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Zoya Stunning

Hey dolls! Today I finally have photos of the Zoya Stunning collection for you. It took me forever with this collection because I actually wanted to wear most of them. The Stunning collection consists of six cream polishes that make you just long for warm weather and open-toe shoes. The formula was pretty much the same on all of these and typical of what we usually see from Zoya. The polishes were easy to control and flowed nicely onto the nail.

Yana is described as a geranium pink cream. It read as more of a red based coral on me. Two coats were used for opacity.



Rocky is described as a serene blue cream. Love this one so much! Rocky is saturated just enough to be out of the pastel family. Two coats were used for opacity.



Darcy is described as a sunny yellow cream. The formula was thinner than the rest of the collection. Darcy was streaky on the first two coats, but evened out on the third. It’s definitely not the worst yellow I’ve used.



Thandie is described as a citrus orange cream. This is another shade I just can’t seem to get tired of. Bright oranges always look so good on my complexion. The formula was a little thin, so three coats were used.



Micky is described as an amazing coral cream. This one read more as a straight pink on me. Very pretty color, but I need to compare it to all of my other Zoya pinks. Two coats were used for opacity.



Josie is described as a grassy green cream. There was love at first sight with Josie! It’s bright and eye-catching, but not in a neon, blinding way. I wore Josie on our little anniversary vacation and received lots of compliments. Two coats were used.



Overall, this is my second favorite collection from the Zoya summer releases (I really, really love the PixieDusts). My favorites are Josie, Rocky and Thandie. If you are looking to add more staple creams to your collection, the Stunning collection is a great place to start. Zoya polishes can be purchased here for $8 each.

Press Sample