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Zoya Lolly & Mitzie + Born Pretty Lace Stickers

Poppie Jones, Stephen Dweck, Judith Jack, Asos


Hey dolls, I had to attend a scholarship ball for my sorority this past Friday and I wanted to do something fun on my nails. My dissertation was turned in for the first set of feedback late last week, so I had a little downtime for nails. I recently ordered Zoya Mitzie with a Bloom voucher and I wanted to pair it with Zoya Lolly for a fun pink and green look (my sorority colors). Lolly and Mitzie are bright, matte polishes. They both applied a tad bit streaky on the first coat, but evened out nicely with two additional coats.

light box
cloudy day

I love the way these two colors looked together. It was my intention to add a coat of Nail Venturous Floam, but I liked the simplicity of this look.

You may remember that I was sent a few sets of nail art stickers from Born Pretty. A couple of days later, I decided to add lace tips to this mani.

Elegant Lace Style Sticker HL211

The Born Pretty stickers were extremely easy to use. I simply chose the design I wanted and then removed it from the clear paper. The sticker was relatively tacky and I didn’t have difficulty aligning them on the nails. I removed the entire sticker first, applied it to a nail, trimmed, and then moved on to the next nail. The stickers aren’t that long though; one design was only enough for three nails. After the stickers were on, I applied a layer of Nubar Diamont top coat.


This is so cute and girly! Pay no attention to how I put the sticker on upside down on my index finger. I didn’t even notice until I was halfway done taking pictures. I was unable to remove it without ruining the polish under the sticker though because of the top coat. I guess that’s a good sign that they will last for a bit. This is my kind of nail art; super easy, quick, and thoughtless. 🙂 If you’re interested in trying these stickers, don’t forget to use my Born Pretty code of TPJ61 to save 10% off your order.

Here was my look for the ball. Get ready for some more awesome guest posts next week!