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Zoya Irresistible Collection

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Zoya Irresistible

Hey dolls! I’m finally getting a chance to sit long enough to write this post. It has been a super long day, so it’s nice to come home to pictures of pretty polish. Let’s see if I can get this post done before Scandal comes on at 10p.

The Irresistible collection is one half of the summer releases from Zoya. It consists of six shimmery, metallic shades. The formula was pretty much the same on all of the polishes. They flowed easily onto the nail, had a nice consistency, and were opaque in two to three coats.

Kerry is described as a yellow gold foil metallic. The formula was easy to use and opaque in two coats. I can’t help but think of Kerry Washington as I type this (while I wait for Scandal to come back on after a three week hiatus).



Amy is described as a red-orange foil metallic. I love bright oranges like this. It reminds me of one of my favorite oranges, China Glaze Riveting, but I have not compared them. Amy had a great formula and was opaque in two coats.



Hazel is described as a blue green foil metallic. This shade is a bit too frosty and cool for my liking. Hazel is in the same family as Zoyas FeiFei and Crystal, but they aren’t dupes. The formula was fine and two coats were used.



Bobbi is described as a hot magenta pink foil metallic. Love this one because I love a great pink. Two coats were used.



Rikki is described as a fern green foil metallic. Once again, this shade was a bit too cool and frosty for my liking. It was pretty hard to capture the complexity in the shimmer in photos. Two coats were used.



Tinsley is described as a rose gold foil metallic. At first, I wasn’t sold on Tinsley. As I looked at it more, I began to like it. The formula was thinner than the rest of the collection, so three coats were used.



The Irresistible collection has a little bit of something for everyone. My favorites are Tinsley, Bobbi, and Amy. Zoya can be purchased here for $8 each.

Press Sample

  • I love your swatches! Can’t wait till I get mine, I only ordered 3 from this collection…Kerry (my lil bro’s name so I had to), Rikki, and Amy. Kerry is on backorder now lol!

  • MelodyJ

    Really nice collection. I missed Scandal tonight. I’ll have to watch it online.

    • Girl, it was so deep last night. I was all in my feelings after that episode.

      • MelodyJ

        Wow, really? Then I’m making sure to watch it this weekend. What happened to that other guy who worked with Olivia? You the guy who used to be on Lost?

        What do you think of NY&Co fragrances? I got an email saying they have a new one.

  • It’s definitely my favorite of the group.

  • These wear so well on you!

  • They look amazing on you. Lovely swatches!

  • Nice! I like Bobbi, Tinsley and Rikki best.

  • Toya

    Sadly, I’m not too into foil finish polishes, and I love Zoya so I wanted to love these!! BUT your swatches are AMAZING and if I was gonna be sold, it would be by these my dear 😀

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