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Zoya Haul!

I don’t know what nail polish planet I’ve been on, but I was just introduced to Zoya a few months ago by some friends. Thanks to their awesome facebook fan page, I learned very quickly about this company. I took the opportunity to order some of their polishes during their last 2 promos. I ordered the entire Intimate Collection during the International Women’s Day promo and then I got 8 more colors from the new summer collections during the BOGO sale.

The entire haul

 Here’s a close up of the Intimate Collection.

Dannii, Caitlin, Marley, Gemma, Dove, Jules

From the Sunshine Collection…

Apple, Kimmy, Tanzy

From the Summertime Collection…

Sooki, Areej, Keiko, Breezi

I also purchased Lolly from the Mod Matte Collection, but the pictures came out really blurry. I am officially in Zoya heaven!!! I’ve tried a couple of the colors so far and I’ll be sure to share pics with all of you. If you haven’t had your Zoya fix, check out their website. Your nails will thank you for it!